Tuesday, May 22, 2018


CGI019, the new 12" EP by Osheyack, with remixes from Nahash and Zaliva-D, is now available for direct order (vinyl/digital) from CGI. To place an order visit our webstore - it will be in shops internationally on June 15, 2018.

And now for something completely different...CGI is extremely
excited to present the Proof Of Concept EP from Shanghai-via-
Chicago's OSHEYACK. These are productions with a weight and
freshness that we at CGI have not previously encountered. While on
a small US tour in June 2016, Osheyack played a set in Atlanta and
thoroughly blew everyone in the room away with a mastery of
rhythm, sound, and arrangement that is uncanny.

We approached Osheyack after the gig for demos and what we received was as dense and inspiring as the live set. Words don't do this sound justice but it's perhaps most fun to close your eyes and imagine a demonic cirque-du-soleil-esque techno marching band stomping through the graveyard of your dreams and resurrecting all of the wasted souls to stomp on their
graves in a frenzied trance...