Thursday, March 9, 2017


CGI-LP01, Hurt Plaza, the debut 12" LP by Pamela_ and her sons, is now available for direct preorder (vinyl/digital) from CGI. To place an order visit our webstore - it will be in shops internationally on/after March 31, 2017.

Watch the music video for "Green Light," directed by Saige Rowe:

"Green Light" - Pamela_ and her sons (Official Video) from Alessandra Hoshor on Vimeo.

Watch the music video for "3AM," directed by TyRomeo Roach:

Pamela_ and her sons - 3 AM (Official Video) from Alessandra Hoshor on Vimeo.

After 18 12" singles and EPs, CGI has finally found a record suited for its first full-length LP release, 'Hurt Plaza' from Atlanta's own Pamela_ and her sons. Pamela_ is the solo music project of Alessandra Hoshor, an Atlanta-based multimedia artist, and 1/2 of evil dance project BIG DED. Their microtonal compositions build up from slow perceptual movements into heavy dance sets full of deconstructed vocals. Pamela_ is microtonal, cerebral dance music. Fragmented, off-kilter anxiety techno with an emphasis on texture, pattern, and rhythm. Familiar palettes are rearranged and presented in a form completely alien, opening new pathways to what is possible within the realm of electronic composition without ever underestimating the power of suggestion…effectively like looking into the eyes of your best friend for the first time again.

Mastered and Cut by Dietrich Schoenemann