Thursday, January 26, 2017


CGI016, the new 12" EP by Russell E.L. Butler, is now available for direct order (vinyl/digital) from CGI. To place an order visit our webstore - it will be in shops internationally on/after January 31, 2017. You can also buy an extremely limited tee shirt with the record if you act quickly.

Artwork by Stephanie Cheng

CGI Records is extremely proud to be presenting the new EP from Oakland-via-Bermuda based artist Russell E.L. Butler. I'm Dropping Out Of Life are 4 cuts of essentialist dance music that can provide an ecstatic escape from the drudges of professional life for all who so rightly seek it. As Russell himself elaborates, 

"The title has been on my mind a lot, since I almost lost my life in the Ghost Ship fire and watched as many of my friends lost their's. I came up with the title several months ago, in fact 2 of the tracks were shopped in a producer's group that Johnny (Nackt) and Chelsea (Cherushii) were a part of, both of whom I lost in the fire. This release is about a commitment to life. The life that I refer to dropping out of, is a life where dreams are put on hold, where concessions are made in order to just survive. But that comes at a cost, one that is far too great for me to pay at this point. I wrote this poem, it'll come as an insert with the record. 

When you see me you might see me different 
At first, as a presence 
That always has been 
But also 
An absence 
A potential for not being 
a collection of constants 
now wrought in marble 
The smell of grass 
Light, like ash 
My mouth still moves 
And my arms still extend to hold you 
My sour breath caressing your ears 
"It's ok, I'm still here" 
And my voice is not alone 
You hear all of them 
Our friends 
Our lovers 
We're here with you 

Limited to 300 hand-stamped copies
Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann