Tuesday, May 19, 2015


CGI010, the Psychopaths Eating Jelly 12" EP by L/F/D/M, is now available for direct order (vinyl/digital) from CGI.  To place an order visit our webstore - it will be in shops internationally on May 28th, 2015.

Laid down with authority by L/F/D/M are four no nonsense cuts blasting fresh air into that perennially en vogue phenomenon known as acid house. After stunning EPs for Glasgow’s prestigious Optimo Trax and Clandestine Traxx, an equally crushing full-length for Kompakt's Ecstatic imprint, and two brain melting EPs for Diagonal with ex-Factory Floor's Dominic Butler as Bronze Teeth, it is an honor to have his sounds grace CGI with a release that sees him playing right for the heart of the dance floor. Opener "Spare Ribs, No Napkin" is meaty and greasy with abandon, as rude and distorted as it is irresistibly syncopated. "Cutting Fingers" contrasts with a slow burn with a deep kick anchoring shifting rhythms and unsettlingly hypnotic riffs. Flip this treasure over and get pummeled by the rolling stomp of "Heavy Clouds” with its massive 808s and just-off-the-nose acid cycles. Closing things out is the bright paranoid jack of "Hippos In Slumber" with its muted chords adding freaky color to steady and heady 707/303 workout that charms and overpowers with an electric stink that lingers long after the needle has reached the lead-out groove.

Mastered and Cut by Dietrich Schoenemann at Complete
Edition of 300


CGI009, the Inner Monologue 12" EP by Black Suede, is now SOLD OUT for direct order from CGI. It is still available in select shops and digitally in our webstore.

After two stunning 12" EPs for Kai Alcé's NDATL Muziq imprint and London-based The Love Below, Atlanta's rising wunderkind Stefan Ringer dons new alias Black Suede for his debut release with CGI. Switching it up from the bouncier, jazzier style that characterizes Ringer's work under his given name, Black Suede strips down the soul to a darker, harder groove, weaving dancefloor narratives that confront our innermost desires and fears. From the heavily swung stomp and vocal chops of "Connect Like 2 Ways" and the skittering arpeggios and percolations of "Stimulus (Dead)," to the dystopian booty-house masterpiece that is "7713GH" and the droning and cavernous dirge of "Purgatory," it is clear this is the work of an immensely talented artist who will continue to defy categorization and keep us wondering what the future will bring.

All tracks by Stefan Ringer
Mastered and Cut by Dietrich Schoenemann at Complete
Edition of 300 copies

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

CGI008, the Trench Foot 12" EP by Grey People, is now available for direct order (vinyl/digital) from CGI.  To place an order visit our webstore - it will be in shops internationally on Jauary 20th, 2015.

After a string of stellar releases with Proper Trax, Cult Trip, and Mystical Disco, Grey People graces CGI with his latest. Raised in Chicago and currently residing in Nashville, Alex Michalski treats us to another side of his sound as he completely forgoes sampling to give us four tracks of raw, stripped-down machine funk. The tunes presented here are culled from various hot and humid sessions in his home studio, armed with an arsenal of equipment old and new and cultivating a sound as diverse as it is nasty. Witness the pluralist industrial jackin' utopia that is Grey People, from the crunchy, dissonant piano stomp of "Trench Foot," and the equally crunchy, driving, new wave dirge of "Moonstruck," to the cosmic drift and thump of "Lock the Box" and the funked up FM slap-bass of "Wild Intentions."

Mastered and cut by Dietrich Schoenemann
Distributed by Complete-USA
Edition of 300

Friday, October 10, 2014


CGI007, the Up Neck 12" EP by C Powers, is now available for direct order (vinyl/digital) from CGI.  To place an order visit our webstore - it will be in shops internationally on October 30th, 2014.

After years of toiling behind a paper thin veil of obscurity, C Powers is finally starting to burst into view. Having just finished handling production duties for recent Houndstooth signees 18+, C Powers continues to demonstrate his sonic versatility with the "UP Neck" EP (CGI007), his proper CGI debut. This latest offering from CGI sees Powers focused on bringing the diverse musical experiences of his past into the mess of the present via a loosely defined and texturally diverse concept of "house music". The four tracks on "Up Neck" explore the joyous sensation in discovering old dance records, the pleasure of pure rhythm unmediated by melody, as well as pushing the boundaries of the notion of an "edit". Albeit rich in concept, "Up Neck" remains purely functional on the dancefloor. CGI007 runs hard from the pure drum-assault of "Smash" to the tender cult funk of "Body Musical" to the high pressure sub-bass workout of "Phoenix Down" until the breezy end of the title cut "Up Neck".

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Future Sound Of CGI -777-

This is the 7th CGIMIX in the series. We have done 7 releases as of this writing. Now prepare yourself for a taste of the next 7 releases to come. We have been gathering and sitting on a large collection of really exciting music to release over the course of the next year or so and, as time marches on, our excitement surrounding the material is becoming more and more difficult to contain. So what did we do? We asked TWINS to throw this collection on the CDJs and make us a mix composed exclusively of tracks from this thrilling collection to give any curious party a little taste of the future. About 3/4 of the tracks you'll hear in this collection are already locked in and confirmed for release (some are even at the plant already), while the other 1/4 of the tracks are being strongly considered for release. This mix is by no means all-inclusive, but it is a fairly comprehensive glimpse of what will transpire over the next several months. We are going to refrain from naming any names at this point - let the sounds turn you on for now - all details will be revealed in due time! It is with your incredible support that we have made it this far in not even a full year of operation, and we cannot thank everyone enough. So please accept and enjoy this glimpse of sounds to come as a small token of our tremendous appreciation for all of your support!!

If you've missed out on any of the previous 6 CGIMIXes, check them out here:

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


CGI006/GN016 (co-released with our friends at Geographic North), "Love Is A Luxury" by TWINS, is now available for pre-order direct from the label.  To place an order select shipping option and click "buy now" - if you wish to buy more than one record at a time please email cgirecordsatl [at] gmail [dot] com

Total with Shipping

TWINS is the paranoid outsider-pop project of Atlanta-based producer Matt Weiner. Having spent the better part of a decade reveling in a mutant murk that intersects seductive synth-pop with Featureless Ghost and grotesque industrial-dance grooves in his own right as TWINS on LPs issued by Ruralfaune and Clan Destine, Weiner has more than proved his sincerely sinister and auspiciously artful finesse of synth-based music. Operating from his home studio, arrayed with various tools of the trade, Weiner culls his subtle scourges of sound with an unending sense of bold exploration, processing tracks of rhythmic, aural catharsis.

Now returning with the Love Is A Luxury 12-inch, a two-track EP co-released by Weiner's own CGI and Geographic North, TWINS ventures deep into the collected unconscious of our singular broken heart. Elegantly expansive and densely fluid, each track a fragmented careen of erotic house music. With more than an eye on the dancefloor and an ear for hypnotic luster, A-side "Love Runs Deep" hosts dubby house perfectly suited for Basic Channel's low-end minimalism. B-side "The Empty Deep" conveys the desolate counterpoint, enchanting in its sullen hysteria.

Weiner's dubby explorations of an exposed vulnerability manifest in the vinyl itself, containing and exposing both tracks with complete transparency, baring themselves on clear crimson wax.

Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann
Edition of 400 hand-stamped copies


CGI005, a split 12" EP by Lyman-Alpha Forest and Afterburner, is now available for direct order from CGI.  To place an order send an email to CGIrecordsATL [at] gmail [dot] com - it will be in shops internationally on April 10th, 2014.

CGI is proud to present the debut of 2 new duos who are experts at making their synths and sequencers sweat divine moisture. Lyman-Alpha Forest is a new collaborative project between producers Grey People (Proper Trax, Finale Sessions) and Talk (Deconstructure). As a duo they work to bring acid into new territories with their heavy, low-slung approach to producing melodic-and-spacious yet tight-and-focused slow-burning club-weapons. Whether or not this is due to a stroke of compositional genius or if it is simply a side effect of the high levels of sizzurp found in the tap water in their hometown of Nashville is irrelevant, but the effect is intoxicating all the same. 
Travel 7 hours up I-65 and you'll end up somewhere in Chicago where Afterburner spends long cold winter nights painting vivid synthesized tapestries as epic as the city's skyline. The duo of Nicholas Reed (Windbreaker) and Travis Thatcher (Voice Of Saturn) employ an aresnal of modular and analog gear to produce lushly cinematic tracks that chug along like classic Moroder productions while simultaneously evoking the rich melodicism of Kraftwerk. Whether you listen to them at home in the headphones or on the dancefloor in the club, these tracks will take you on a wild ride.

Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann
Edition of 300 copies

A1. Lyman-Alpha Forest - Sea Of Bleach
A2. Lyman-Alpha Forest - Car In Void
B1. Afterburner - Starquake
B2. Afterburner - Sheliak
B3. Afterburner - Identifier

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


CGI004, a 12" EP by Alex Falk, is now available for direct order from CGI.  To place an order send an email to CGIrecordsATL [at] gmail [dot] com - it will be in shops internationally on March 10th, 2014.

Tennessee Techno: Alex Falk brings the sound in purified form. His approach has already piqued the interest of many influential DJs and producers, and the track "PTR" from his debut EP on Proper Trax is among the selections included on Hessle Audio co-founder Pangaea's Fabriclive 73 mix.

Falk's previous releases have focused on punishing, pulsing, synthetic techno. For his CGI EP, we are treated to another side of Falk's sound as he allows a bit more 'house' into the mix. The release kicks off with "GF", a relentless assault consisting of little more than a repurposed vocal from a young pop star, distorted drums, and ceaseless energy. This beating gives way to the caress of "Foam Party", in which bubbling synth chords carry us to a place far away from the mindless EDM-raves from which the name was derived.

Flip it over and the energy ramps back up with "BF", another strong track built around a pop-vocal edit. Liquid synth chords stab and mutate with the driving rhythm underneath, creating a truly brilliant dance track that's sure to fill any floor. The energy once again is calmed as we fall into "Miley's Plateau", a shuffled, dubby synth track coming across like a housed up Vladislav Delay, rounding out a truly diverse EP which, true to CGI's mission, finds cohesion in the contrast.

A1. GF
A2. Foam Party
B1. BF
B2. Miley's Plateau

Edition of 400 Copies
Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann

Distributed internationally by Complete-USA

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


CGI003, a 12" EP by Will Azada, is now available for direct order from CGI.  To place an order send an email to CGIrecordsATL [at] gmail [dot] com - it will be in shops internationally on January 6th, 2014.

Audio Clips:

After exploring over 6 hours worth of unreleased original material from the relentlessly prolific and ever expanding production catalog of Will Azada, CGI is extremely proud to present these 3 stand-out cuts that represent a depth of production skill and aesthetic range unparalleled in today's over-saturated dance music landscape.

Confronting the clichés head-on, Azada breathes new life into tried-and-true templates of jacking, industrial funk and synth-y groovers with his remarkable ear for arrangement and sense of movement, masterfully exploiting the infinitely renewable resource of subtle variations that he continuously unfolds throughout the tracks' durations.

The material runs the gamut from the stark, throbbing, industrial workout "The Whip" to the melody-driven, synth-fueled ecstasy of "Michalski's Theme" and the chord-driven, vocal-chopped house of "Cliché." The fact that an EP this unique and diverse can also feel so unified is a testament to the vision on display here.

A1. Cliché
A2. Michalski's Theme
B1. The Whip

Edition of 500 copies
Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann

Distributed internationally by Complete-USA

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


CGI002, a 12" single by Jerome, is now available for direct order from CGI.  To place an order send an email to CGIrecordsATL [at] gmail [dot] com - it will be in shops internationally on December 9th, 2013.


Having fully devoted the better part of 2 decades tearing music apart from every conceivable angle and putting it back together as only he can, the wanderer also known as JEROME has constructed some of the tuffest house abstractions using only what will fit in the backseat of his '81 Rabbit.  Not much is known about this lazy magnet but his sound is indeed magnetic, huge round bass lines ground the unrestrained dubby house experiments happening around it.  The results produce a hypnotic and moving dancefloor experience that can only occur in the heat of the moment by capturing an improvised performance such as the takes found on these recordings.  Massive 20+ minute live takes were sent to CGI Records HQ where they were edited down and the 2 most powerful cuts were chosen to be pressed onto this special limited edition white hand-stamped white label 12".

Edition of 300 Copies
Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann

Distributed internationally by Complete-USA

Distributed in the USA by All-Day Records